Month: March 2018

Sheffield City Council Logo

Sheffield Tree Cull

Intellectually challenged Sheffield City Councillors decided that 17,500 of Sheffield’s 36,000 street trees should be cut down. Are they diseased? A few of them are but not that many. Are they hindering pedestrians or motor vehicles? A few of them are but not that many. This slash and burn policy involves removing as many big…

Dumb Vegan

If you want to live on a diet of fried tarantulas or lawn grass that’s fine by me and your problem not mine. However, forcing your dietary regime on another living creature is not only stupid but also cruel. The Fennec fox (Fennecus zerda) is the smallest of all the world’s foxes and inhabits the…

Misandrist Extraordinaire

“Rise in hate crime in England and Wales” screams the newspaper headline. Of course, there is a rise in hate crime. Every time the definition of hate crime is extended there are more crimes to commit, simple as that. Escalating police activity and interest in hate crimes also boosts the numbers. If Grimsby MP Melanie…

Pride of Scotland Tartan

Pride of Scotland

An average of 22 people a week die from alcohol-related causes in Scotland which is 54% higher than in England and Wales. Unfortunately, these morons who assaulted England coach Eddie Jones after Scotland’s well-deserved victory in the 2018 Calcutta Cup were not among them.