Roger Smolski

Hello! My name is Roger Smolski, I am seventy plus and recently retired. I have a wonderful wife, three fantastic children and four adorable grandchildren. Not long ago I moved to a small village in East Sussex not far from the sea. I know I am very lucky!

Several things happen when you reach the eighth decade, your circle of friends start to diminish and cognitive ability as well as physical ability inexorably decrease. In my case, my knees are causing problems after years of playing squash and I feel myself becoming slowly grumpier by the month.

To address the grumpiness, and maybe even lower my blood pressure ? I thought I would start a personal blog, posting about things which annoy me. The hope is that by using the time-honoured method of writing about things to get them ‘out of your system’ it will work for me. Even if it doesn’t it will be fun!

As this is a personal blog written by and for me (and possibly other grumpy people), you may find it rude, condescending, arrogant or just plain objectional and you know what, I don’t give a toss ?.

Get in touch via the contact form if it helps.