Bo Peep Crooked

Bo Peep Crooked

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world and tries to draw attention to cases of animal cruelty. So broad is their commitment that they declare: “As an animal rights group, we cannot condone using animals for any reason….” which is unfortunate if you have a guide-dog, a pet cat or a goldfish.

If PETA is trying to draw attention to animal cruelty the last people they need to piss off are millions of pet lovers. Pet lovers are much more likely to be aware of the potential consequences of animal cruelty than non-pet lovers. So why alienate them rather than mobilize them? The answer is simple, it is because they are fanatical and not rational and routinely make comments which are plain stupid.

Take this comment from yesterday. Pixar has just released a trailer for Toy Story 4 and the film is as you would expect, as innocent and family-friendly as you can get. However, PETA have objected to the “Bo Peep” character because she is shown carrying a shepherd’s crook.

Bo Peep and Woody in Toy Story 4

In a Tweet they say that, “Bo Peep’s look in Toy Story 4 is updated, but her shepherd’s crook still promotes exploiting gentle sheep for their wool.”

PETA Bo Peep Tweet

No question about it, this level of stupidity sets back their cause massively and certainly drowns out the few very sensible things that they do have to say.