Congratulations to Mark Boon

Congratulations to Mark Boon

Meet Mark Boon, Head of Network Operations at Govia Thameslink Railway and arsehole of the week.

Mark Boon Govia Thameslink Railway

Mark Boon can be seen occupying two seats in a first-class compartment of a grossly overcrowded Southern train to Victoria earlier this week. Southern Railway is owned by Govia and as a senior employee it is not unnatural for him to be traveling first-class as a company perk.

What is unnatural is that he spent part of his journey telling commuters to get out of his carriage. According to passengers there were ten vacant seats available and of course the extra standing room.

One of the female passengers sent packing by Boon had asked if she could have a seat as she was feeling unwell, but he declined and told her to go and get some water. Bizarrely Boon handed his business card to other passengers who made similar requests.

The story has gone viral in the British media and his objectional behaviour widely condemned. If Mark Boon had any sense at all he would have invited passengers into the compartment (with the proviso that they would have to vacate their seat if a first-class ticket holder boarded the train). It is just basic PR.

As it is he has become famous country wide as a complete arsehole.

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