Dumb Vegan

Dumb Vegan

If you want to live on a diet of fried tarantulas or lawn grass that’s fine by me and your problem not mine. However, forcing your dietary regime on another living creature is not only stupid but also cruel.

Healthy Fennec fox  in the wild
Healthy Fennec fox in the wild.

The Fennec fox (Fennecus zerda) is the smallest of all the world’s foxes and inhabits the deserts of North Africa and the Arabian region. It is nocturnal in the wild and in zoos they are kept in reversed light/dark environments. They live in small communities spending the day in underground burrows and emerging at night to forage. The diet of the Fennec fox has been studied in detail by the Institute of Vertebrate Biology and concluded that they are mainly carnivorous.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of idiots who keep these animals as pets. It is not common, but it is entirely legal in the UK and they can be purchased on the Internet for around £200.

A selfish desire to keep an exotic pet as a means of self-gratification, regardless of the well-being of the animal surely indicates a personality disorder of some kind.

Enter super stupid Sonia Sae, a self-proclaimed anti-speciesist, vegan and intersectional poet (no I don’t know what it means). She has a pet Fennec fox that she “rescued” from a dealer and keeps it in her flat on a vegan diet.

Forced to be vegan
Forced to be vegan.

When she posted images of her mal-nourished pet on her Facebook page it went viral. Claims that her pet looked way too skinny, with a dull, patchy and ragged coat were met with “…he suffers from an allergy”. She has admitted that her pet has experienced several health problems including hair loss, partial blindness and weight loss.

Dr Heather Rally, a supervising veterinarian is urging Sonia Sae to give the fox to a sanctuary and “….to visit her local animal shelter, where a lovable dog or cat has been waiting for her.”

I disagree, I wouldn’t trust this dough-brain with a worm let alone a dog or a cat.

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