Generation Snowflake

Generation Snowflake

Censorship and intolerance in British universities is now endemic.

Spiked magazine has published the Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR) for 2018. Universities have been divided into three groups and although the classification is simple the methodology and analysis is thorough. The Universities are classified as either:

Red: Those that have banned and actively censored ideas on campus.

Amber: Those that have chilled free speech through intervention.

Green: Those with a hands-off approach to free speech

Out of 115 institutions only 6% were classified as Green, 39% were Amber and 55% were Red.

Intellectual intolerance now seems to be the norm at most universities.

I participated in debates during the occupation of the LSE in the sixties. Everybody could speak no matter how abhorrent their view. Intellectual discourse was encouraged, and we learnt a lot about each other, in some cases we even changed our point of view ?

However, if you have no clarity of thought and are unable to engage in rational debate or present your arguments succinctly what do you do?

Newspapers banned by student union
What’s next? Book burning…


The snowflake generation have a solution, you simply prevent the exchange of ideas by silencing those with an opposing view!

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