Illiterate Civil Service Plonker

Illiterate Civil Service Plonker

Author, political activist and independent American journalist Brittany Pettibone was last weekend deported from the UK after being detained while entering the country.

She claims that she was deported because she planned to interview a far-right leader. Why a right-wing journalist should be banned from entering the country while hundreds of ISIS fanatics can return to the UK from the killing grounds of Syria without a problem defies explanation.

Pathetically stupid government decisions are now common but what makes this one stand out is the Home Office letter that Brittany Pettibone received.

The letter appears to have been written by an uneducated, illiterate Civil Servant.


Home Office jobsworth letter.
An illiterate writes….


The image above is taken from a video which details some of the errors and confirms that the author is a plonker of the first order.

Obviously being able to write English is no longer a requirement for entry into the Civil Service.

There are over 400,000 civil servants in the UK with a combined salary of over 10 billion pounds a year (Civil Service statistics, UK: 2017). I wonder how many of them have GCSE English Language?

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