Misandrist Extraordinaire

Misandrist Extraordinaire

“Rise in hate crime in England and Wales” screams the newspaper headline.

Of course, there is a rise in hate crime. Every time the definition of hate crime is extended there are more crimes to commit, simple as that. Escalating police activity and interest in hate crimes also boosts the numbers.

If Grimsby MP Melanie Onn has her way the numbers will once again increase dramatically. She wants wolf-whistling and winking by men at woman to be classified as a hate crime, I kid you not.

It’s not clear if she also wants women whistling or winking at men, or same sex whistling or winking to be a hate crime.

This is yet another indication that women like Melanie Onn are no longer capable of telling a man to f*** off or refer to his penis size when non-physical communication is unwelcome.

Setting fire to a mosque, beating up a transvestite and physical abuse of the disabled are hate crimes, wolf whistling Melanie Onn is not.

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