Prime Idiocy-Vaccine Candidate

Prime Idiocy-Vaccine Candidate

It is a pity that there is no vaccine against stupidity because the man in the image below would be a perfect candidate.

Do you know this idiot?

He flew his drone into a mature oak tree in Tilgate Forest in Crawley and attempted to recover it by felling the tree with a chainsaw.

Tree damage

He failed in his endeavour with the chainsaw, but he did sufficient damage for a tree surgeon to declare the tree as being in a dangerous condition and it subsequently had to be cut down.

Felled tree

Not only is he inept at piloting a drone and incapable of successfully using a chainsaw but he is also seriously short of grey matter.

Sussex Police say if you know the man in the photo, witnessed this vandalism or sold/hired someone a chainsaw on the day of the incident please let them know.

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