Scary! Councillor Caroline Penn on Halloween

Scary! Councillor Caroline Penn on Halloween

Halloween causes intense and unrestrained excitement among the politically correct thought police. Here is just one small example, the University of Kent student union has banned students from dressing up as a crusader, priest, nun, cowboy, anyone in a sombrero or as a gender or sexuality other than their own. The reason, “In case any offence could be caused.”

Halloween is a fun occasion, particularly for children, but is now rapidly becoming a politically correct fest for virtue signallers.

Prime virtue signaller this year is Councillor Caroline Penn, Brighton and Hove City Council commenting on this poster for a Brighton club’s Halloween party.

Legends Club Brighton Halloween night poster

Here is her quote from a BBC South East interview:

“My concern is the way that Halloween has been associated with mental illness, with fear, use of the word freaks, lunatics. So, I think anything that associates mental health and Halloween and frightening is really detrimental to that anti-stigma work that we’re doing.”

Here is a more enlightened view from someone more qualified, Marjorie Wallace CBE, FRCPsych CEO and founder of mental health charity SANE.

“If you look at the posters, they are tongue in cheek and yes, they do refer to a pretty awful time in the history of mental illness, but they are out of date. They bear no relation to mental illness today the words such as freaks and lunatics went out in Victorian times, there are no asylums left so there seems no intention to mock or harm any individuals living today.”

The BBC South East Facebook comments were overwhelmingly opposed to Penn’s hostility, including these two from people with mental health issues.

Facebook comment

Facebook comment


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