Sheffield Tree Cull

Sheffield Tree Cull

Intellectually challenged Sheffield City Councillors decided that 17,500 of Sheffield’s 36,000 street trees should be cut down.

Are they diseased? A few of them are but not that many. Are they hindering pedestrians or motor vehicles? A few of them are but not that many. This slash and burn policy involves removing as many big trees as possible to, in the council’s words “minimise costs”.

You can read details of Sheffield City Council’s incompetence in handling the city’s street tree care and maintenance on the Sheffield Tree Action Groups website.

Naturally Sheffielders have been protesting which has resulted in the police making several silly arrests including a newly ordained vicar armed with a tambourine. However, arresting an elderly lady with a broken arm for blowing a plastic trumpet (see video below) must surely win the stupidity prize.

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