Snowflakes Begin to Fall on Punch and Judy

Snowflakes Begin to Fall on Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy shows have been making children laugh for at least 300 years but now they are becoming a target for virtue signalling snowflakes.

Brian Llewellyn's Punch and Judy show

Brian Llewellyn (above) is a Punch and Judy man (or professor as they are traditionally called) based in Darlington and is as the strapline on his Facebook page says, “The man who makes children laugh”.

Recently the self-proclaimed political correctors have cancelled some of Brian’s bookings after requesting that “Mr Punch did not hit Judy”. Other demands have required the inclusion of a policewoman as well as a policeman. One saddo wanted the Minstrel character removed, presumably because they believe that he represents a white person blacked up. In fact, by tradition the character is a freed slave who becomes a singer.

Brian was also forced to drop the Punch and Judy element of his show from an Armed Forces Day event in Redcar. The Borough Council decided that the content of a Punch and Judy show would be inappropriate.

The snowflakes have begun to fall on Punch and Judy and the fun and laughter of children curtailed by a few idiotic adults.

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