We Shall Not Remember Them…

We Shall Not Remember Them…
The Rothenstein Mural
The Rothenstein Mural

The Rothenstein Mural was painted in 1916 as a memorial to members of the British universities serving in the Great War and depicts the conferring of a degree on the “unknown soldier”. This poignant mural was donated by the artist’s son and is displayed in the Senate Room in the Highfield Campus at Southampton University.

president of the University of Southampton students' union
Emily Dawes

Emily Dawes is president of the University of Southampton students’ union and in a tweet threatened to paint over the mural because it displays only “white men”.

Emily Dawes Tweet
Emily Dawes Tweet

Under pressure she has deleted the tweet and posted an apology.

Emily Dawes Apology
— Emily, Union Pres (@SotonPres) October 25, 2018

Emily Dawes crass stupidity and disrespect is on the same level as that of Fatima Abid the General Secretary of Manchester’s Student Union.

November 1, 2018 Update: The University of Southampton Students’ Union has issued a statement.

Emily Dawes has announced that she is to stand down from her role as Union President with immediate effect.

Emily commented:

“After careful consideration I’ve decided that it’s best if I step down from my role.

I sincerely apologise for the offence and disrespect caused by my earlier comments, which were misinformed. I acted impulsively and as such fully accept how careless and hurtful my words were.

I’ve had a wonderful time as President and am sad to be leaving. All my thanks go to everyone who has supported me throughout my Presidency, and I wish the team and the Union all the best.”

It is a mystery as to why it took so long.

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